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March 13, 2009


Dan Beahm

I am pretty sure South Carolina is the most humid state in the country. I live in the third driest. I'm pretty sure I'd melt and die in S.C.

I love #8. Welcome to the South. [smile]

You should have just spent the night in a homeless shelter and claimed residence that way. WTF?


Awesome way to spend a day off...almost as good as when I moved from Indiana BACK to Massachusetts and they made me pay state tax on my car AGAIN...because I originally paid it in Indiana and not to them. Makes perfect sense that I should pay it twice just so they get their piece of the pie.


This was the funniest thing I have read in a long time!!!!!!!!!!


That way, you'll get a big enough amount into your system at times when it'll be most beneficial.

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