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January 21, 2009


Ryan Noel

I do. But only when I close my eyes outside or a well-lit room. I wouldn't say I'm a "sufferer". I quite like them, actually.


I haven't read the links yet, but I have had these most of my life and my eye doctor always asks if the amount of them has changed. The answer is generally "no," though I think more have developed with age. My parents have them too. I sometimes enjoy trying to move them around.


Yes, to save you the reading, your eye doctor asks if the amount has changed, because a sudden significant increase can indicate bleeding or some other injury. But a static amount of them can simply be remnants of a vascular structure that existed in the womb, but then (mostly - in our case) disintegrated.


i have it. my eye doctor called them vitreous (sp?) floaters. he said that not everybody gets them. i asked abou them about 7 years ago and finally had a name for something i had noticed for a long time.

i know sara doesn't get them. she thinks i'm crazy when i talk about having seen a good one.


I totally do! I actually just talked to my doctor about it because it drives me crazy sometimes.


I do.I have noticed them all my life,especially when you look a certain way when you are out in the sun. They are like looking at cells through a microscope. I find them rather interesting.

Jason G

I am trying to track with you on this. The only understanding I have of the "floaters" as you call them have everything to do with your blood pressure. When it is up "floaters" are visible. If you want to get rid of them, talk to your doctor about your blood pressure.

Hope this helps,

Mom Lee

I have them. I have low blood pressure. I am a detail person, and these little "details" sometimes bug me. I have heard you can't do anything about them. So, E, you're not crazy, nor are you alone.

Luke Renner

I have floaters.
They piss me off.

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