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January 30, 2009



The reason that people are so "devastated" by people like Ted Haggard being "found out" or "exposed" or whatever, is that people still have something in them that makes them put men on pedestals. It's like people want to believe that others can be more perfect or better version of what we are or can be. People aspire to be like other people. It's as if people want someone to look up to or idolize. I say, let people be "devastated" and "disappointed" in the Ted Haggards of the world & let it challenge them to ask themselves why they are so disappointed. Perhaps they have been idolizing others and forgotten where our righteousness comes from- what Paul warned us about- forgetting that it's all from Jesus. Our righteousness is as "filthy rags". I hope that these public "disgraces" will ultimately drive people back to a simple devotion to Jesus himself and a sincere appreciation for his sacrifice.


I am out of the country so have missed a lot of the story and the media buzz -- but I find the HBO show or documentary thing to be kind of icky -- like sensationalizing his sin and it appears like he is then profiting (fame and money??) from his bad choices -- and it just lacks humility -- gives me a bad feeling.

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