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January 12, 2009



I so feel your pain! Been there...done that.

We once had help from a Morman Missionary who happened to have some Long John Silver's food in his car to catch our wayward dog.

And you are right....chasing them never works!

Carol Dee

Yes, yes...but she's YOUR stupid bitch. And you love it, you sick, twisted boy.

Carol Hepburn

In all fairness,Eli....Vick had been scanning your Facebook page and saw where you said your sitting all day was killing you. She loves you and decided to take you out for a little walkie. You should thank her and buy her a present.


Yeah, with friends like her, who needs enemies?


I have tears that won't stop from laughing. ha ha ha ha...this is so funny! Oh my honey you are so funny!!!

Luke Renner

Those didn't happen to be giant PINK gumballs did they? FOR GOD'S SAKE... EAT THEM ALREADY!!!!

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