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November 29, 2007



i only buy downloads if i'm only getting a couple of songs or have an iTunes giftcard. otherwise, i buy CD's.

i'll always prefer to get the liner notes and higher quality files that i can listen to on my stereo or import into my computer. its default form is a backup. with the internet, there are so many easy ways to buy used CD's, too.

the average person easily throws away more plastic with shopping bags and drink containers per year (and in many cases, month) than all the plastic contained in my entire CD library.

however, if one treats their music as disposable, (i.e. only listen to stuff on a short term basis), then downloads are an option.


by the way, i meant to add that there's nothing cutting edge about inferior audio quality (i.e. compressed digital audio files).

with a CD you at least have the option of choosing how badly you want to compress your music when you import it.


I have a policy about music. "There is nothing new under the sun" so why bother buying it?

heh heh...ok, not really. I'm a music FIEND! Join Lala.com!

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