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May 17, 2007


Esuor Kram

Good observations. And while I don't disagree about a daughter liking to lay out clothes for a younger brother, I would like to point out that not all boys will passively dress like a prom queen (well, maybe not all daughters would do that, but Laura did....)

And that last suggestion is a gem - If only that was Diana's policy. We have a 7 x 19 foot closet _stuffed_ with the outgrown clothes of three daughters. Diana's waiting for a grand daughter to wear them. Why she thinks a granddaughter would wear hand-me-downs that our own daughters thought were too out of style to wear ( hence - hand-me-downs from three daughters ) is beyond me. Some of it's over 25 years old. If we hang on to it a bit more, it will qualify as 'vintage'. Did I hear eBay?

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