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May 25, 2005



I too admire Brian's warm response to this person, especially his apparent sincere offer to find opportunity to meet. Evangelical Christianity has most certainly given itself a black eye in its rush to evangelize the world without regard to relationship.It is a lazy head hunting approach. Relationship requires much more of an investment of yourself. That being said I want to be mindful that God has created us all with different personalities and Brian's approach is not necessarily the only appropriate one. I think that the one overshadowing factor much be this - do we love - genuinely love? In the end real love cannot allow the "other" to go their way without sharing the truth of Jesus's gift with them.


If the invitation to meet at some future date was merely a non-confrontational way to end the conversation, I would not be pleased with this approach. If, however, the invitation is legitimate, I would consider the conversation to be suspended, but not complete. In this particular case, the writer of the original email fully knows the gospel message but has chosen a different path. More than likely, someone claiming to be a Christian has let him/her down along the way. If this person's view of Christians is so tainted at this point, I would feel that the last thing I would want to do would be to associate myself with those who have hurt this person in the past. (this is all simply my opinion) I guess my approach would be one like, "Yeah, I understand that some people have really done you wrong - people who use the label 'Christian'. I've been there too, but I have found out that they aren't Jesus. The Jesus I know..." and then proceed into my story. Could you do that on the first email exchange? Sure. Would a face-to-face meeting be more effective? I think so.

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