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January 09, 2009


Carol Hepburn

I totally id with you...my line of work isn't creative by nature either. I choose outlets that allow my need to create that are outside my job. But also, with any job, changing up your workspace, habits, etc can also be helpful.

Can of worms here. I think men have a bigger problem with the uncreative aspect than women do, because men tend to base their identity more on what they do than who they are. Of course that's not 100% but I think its mostly true.


I agree that men have a special need for it. I used to say that the most frustrating thing about my job was that at the end of the day I would have nothing "to show for it." I worked construction before I went into IT, and it was a very physically demanding job, but when the day was done, I could always point to some physical thing and say "I did that!" Even sweeping floors and mowing grass give you the instant feedback that knowledge work rarely does.

Carol Dee

You could always take up knitting.

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