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November 07, 2008



I sooo totally feel you...


Amen Eli!!


The word-faith movement has always been about saying and doing "the right things" to move God, and unfortunately it seems that many in the charismatic movement have fallen for the deception that everything depends on us. Prayer is communication/communion with God, not a way to manipulate Him into doing what we (with our limited vision and intelligence) think is best. I think our time is better spent influencing our culture for good and towards God, in whatever way we are called to do so, than in endless petition for miraculous intervention.
I myself feel Mr. Obama will move this country in directions that are not good for it, and it's entirely possible that his election was, in part, God allowing us to continue on the downhill path we are already on. My prayer before the election was that God would deliver us from the judgment we so richly deserve here in the USA. It's still the same prayer now. I'm interested to see what God will do in the next four years, and if the church will respond, in action, to the pressures likely to be leveled against our society.


Hey Eli,

Sign me up.

I have been there for awhile.

Leighton Tebay

I saw "ex-charismatics for Jesus" and I came here to see if I could sign up.


God has a great destiny for you related to this nation if you choose to continue down this path.

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