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October 03, 2008


a friend

you wrote this on the 18th of september. . .

"What isn't right for me is that I am focusing on an election which will go on without me. I have already made up my mind on it, and any more time I spend on it now is time that I won't be able to spend expanding and supporting the Kingdom of God."


Thanks, friend. I didn't watch it "on purpose." My home group wanted to watch it after our meeting was over.

Semantics, FTW!


And if the kingdom of darkness is expanded by some eye-candy getting elected without me saying something, well, who am I kidding, no one reads this blog anyways....

Steve K.

Interesting observation, Eli. I definitely think you're on to something with that. But she didn't too well "flirting" with Charlie Gibson either. But the Couric interview was definitely worse, perhaps for the very reason you're raising.

Carol Dee

So the question I pose: Who would be most receptive to on-the-job learning? A middle aged (ok, older than m.a.) guy who has done DC for years and has lots of political connects, or some skinny chick from Alaska who knows freakin well she doesn't know what to do....sorry, I'd vote for the mom of 5 anytime over the been-there-done-that. Moms have to know what to do next, or at least do a good fake.

Ancil Ray

Shortly after Sarah (can I call her Sarah?)became McCain's (can I call him John?) pick a friend of mine commented to me that she is "easy on the eyes." I can't argue that but I'm not sure the eyes are a good measure of the making of a person. Here's hoping and praying that whoever gets elected is up for the job.


This has become a very difficult election for me. In the past, I've almost always seen a clear cut "good vs. evil" type of distinction between the side. Perhaps it is because I've jumped ship from being a staunch republican to supporting a visionary who wants to bring change. When Sarah (yes, I'll call her "Sarah") was announced, my first impression was distinctly "DESPERATION". I felt that McCain was desperately seeking someone to deliver a demographic with which he was on shaky ground. Then, I watched the RNC. I heard Sarah speak, saw her, saw her family, researched her, and said, "Wow! Game on!". She brought new life to the Republican campaign.

Now the bloom is off the rose, so to speak. Her weaknesses have been made public (of course) by the opposition. One interesting thing about all of this is that she is getting much more attention than the POTUS candidate himself. This may well have been the intention of those who brought her in as VP candidate. McCain, while knowledgeable, undoubtedly patriotic, and very experienced, lacks charisma in my estimation. His post-comment artificially switched-on smile is fodder for caricaturists. It makes me feel that he's covering something up. I'm ambivalent about his sincerity.

Well, enough ramblings. I'm still voting for the Irishman.

(O'Bama, for those of you needing an explanation...)

mrs beezer

With your condescention, throw in a couple of curse words, and I would think I am reading Franky Schaeffer. And the democratic machine picked Obama because of his ... experience? Please. To say Sarah Palin is "sexy" is so completely sexist. To insinuate that she did poorly in her interview with Katie Couric because she couldn't flirt with her is beyond the pale. Has Obama even yet had an interview with anyone in the media who didn't get a "tingling feeling running up their leg", like Chris Matthews?


well, the news media are quite taken with whatever is new. Obama has fallen almost completely off the radar screen since the introduction of Palin. I don't think it's because the campaign has made him any less available. He's just already old news, and old news doesn't sell. Between economic distress and everyone watching palin's every move, there are not many minutes left to focus on him. His day in the sun may be done.

As for Palin's 'sexyness' it's not beyond the pale to suggest that a former beauty pageant winner and news anchor's personal charm, flirtation, and charisma should be completely ignored. She was chosen for reasons we may never fully know. But I know a flirt when I see one, and I saw one Thursday night.

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