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July 18, 2008


Carol Dee

Only the people who ask questions ever receive answers.

Skepticism is really not the problem; seems to me that the ugly fruit of it (sarcasm, mockery, elitism) are the problems, and keep us from ever really seeing the truth at times. I've learned a few difficult lessons as a child of the charismatic wave...best to keep mind open/mouth shut until I see the situation from the other person's eyes. I could barely tolerate some of the "faith" preachers, and what seemed to be the requisite mega-church/org that came with it. But God went out of his way to show me that the Holy Spirit could move through slick talkers such as they were to get God's work done. Ask me sometime about the satellite healing service at Tilton's church that was shown at Alethia. It was humbling and I figured that maybe this was one of the sheep and goat things, and maybe God should do the sorting out and not me. And I needed to keep my mouth shut, allow God to work, and be glad I didn't go to that church.


i'm not sure i believe you.

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