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July 13, 2008


I hate these kinds of situations, and I'm at a complete loss as to how to deal with them. I want to believe in miracles, however I'm so skeptical of the kinds of "signs and wonders" shows that Charismatics get involved in. I have various reasons for that I won't go into, I'll just say I'm aware of my own issues. I've been very blessed with good health, and when I did have a major situation come up, I turned to the medical profession for assistance, because that was where my prayful consideration for the best solution led me. And it wasn't an easy decision due to the above mentioned issues.

Carol Dee

My heart goes out to you and Steph; I lost a good friend to osteosarcoma last year. She also was standing in faith, to the point of selling her hospital bed and walker, potty chair, etc that another friend had spent weeks getting for her. I believe that while she was not healed and lived to tell about it, God's grace was sufficient in that her pain level, which should have been off the chart (bone CA is the most painful there is) she managed well with a minimum of meds. I found myself checking myself several times, standing back and allowing her to have the walk of faith she chose. It was hard at times, but unlike breast CA there is very little conventional treatment available for ostersarcoma. So maybe her faith walk was as effective as what the docs were giving her, but I'll never know. All I know is the urging I got from the Holy Spirit was to not stand in the way of her faith.

One thing about Jesus and healing is significant to me, in that he never seemed to heal people the same way twice. Many times he used things (like a pool or mud/spit) and other times it was just by his spoken word. But he used stuff. Just like doctors use medicine and radiation and surgery. So it's not an either/or thing...its knowing what he is telling that person to do.

Working with Christians who need mental health treatment and meds presents a challenge for me at times, but I refer to Jesus' mud and spit poultice and liken it to the Prozac or Haldol the person may need. Most of the time, they agree. But of course, at other times they don't.


This is a significant problem with religion. You might as well say that religion = magic, or perhaps superstition. It really annoys me that people think this way. But, she's 100%. She's not picking and choosing what to believe. She's a die-hard superstitious, magic-believing, religious woman.

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