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November 20, 2007


Steve Dustcircle

Good thoughts. I dig the not-separating-us-from-them worldview. Ancient Christians believed in inviting others into the community. Can't do that if we exclude them. They have to feel welcomed, appreciated, and needed.


wow. that's ugly. it's like a 'speak and spell' and early 90's word processor had a baby and amazon made it smaller.

Steve K.

Yo Eli,

Did you see Jeff Bezos on Charlie Rose this week? He told Charlie that one of the goals of Kindle was to achieve what the printed book accomplishes in its design and that it "disappears" (and allows you, as the reader, to enter the world of the author, blah blah blah). So the utilitarian design kind of fits with that philosophy. They obviously don't want the device to be so interesting that it takes away from the experience of reading. Or whatever. I still think it's going to be a hard sell (like all e-book readers have been up until now), but it could "catch on" and become a hugely popular thing (like the iPod). Only time will tell.

Peace, bro, you had a good Thanksgiving,
Steve K.

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