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December 05, 2006


Steve Dustcircle

Good thoughts overall, Eli. Maybe I should come out to visit you Indy folk for fellowship and conspiracy.

Esuor Kram

Good ideas and attitudes for all parents. I'd like to add my personal philosophy to the mix:
"Life is too short to have a clean house".
And, as you've found out, the old saying is true (updated to be politically correct):
"Necessity is the neutral gendered parent of invention"
Keep some WD-40 and Duct Tape around and life will be much easier. Oh, and call me WHEN your daughter gets nail polish in the carpet - I know the secret for getting it out, but the EPA would ban this post if I published it here.


You are an inspiration.


"Give boys regular chores, but ask girls for help as needed. Boys want the structure of everyday chores, but girls want to meet needs as they come up, and actually despair at the thought of having the "same job" for the rest of their lives. "

Eli, I have 4 boys and 1 girl, too! THIS is truly inspired! I am going to have to implement this one! My dd is 14 and is a wonderful help, but hates chores!

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