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February 03, 2006


Esuor Kram

You're right. Very cool!

BTW, I've been contemplating doing a modified "Stations of the Cross" series of paintings
Beginning with Christ's anguish in the garden, and ending with the resurrection. The whole thing hasn't gelled in my head yet. I'd be honored if you would like to hang the series in the lower room. I've only got one requirement - the paintings will need to be hung on one wall in order, because it will actually be one work seperated onto 10-12 canvases. It probably won't be finished until sometime this summer though....


Are you kidding? Mark wants to offer some art to hang in our new space. Let me think about it..WOOHOO! We would be honored to display such a series, and we definitely will have a long wall space for it.

Thanks Mark! I am going to make a little announcement over on the lower room blog too. We'll be looking forward to your contribution to our space.

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