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July 27, 2005



i have got to agree on this one. it's a little hard for me to worship God in a church on sunday with my kids sitting on me wiggling around asking to go to the bathroom or for a paper and pencil. normally it is the things that God has created that puts me in a place of worship, be it while i am driving down the road, sitting in the back yard, or hanging at the house. occasionaly a song will put my mind on the same path, but not every christian song i hear or sing is worship for me.


I agree with you on this. Worship is very over-used and misunderstood. Merely singing songs is not worship. Real intimate worship is allowing the Holy SPirit to lead and guide the singing and the direction of worship. Worship is ministering to Jesus as our bride. Its all for Him, not for us. It is not entertainment, nor is it a performance. While the songs are not a formula, some types of songs really help create an atmosphere for worship. if you allow the Spirit to speak to you while you enter in to it, it becomes an activity that is unmatched anywhere else in our Christian walk. God is raising up many wonderful worshippers today. People whose heart-desire is to minister to Him in song and other artistic expressions.
Once you experience this, you can never go back to the old song and sermon routine.

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