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July 07, 2005



I totally agree with you on this. You are right on.


the best way i have seen this situation handled was on a documentary. it was a jewish man, who happened to be gay. his church leaders did not throw him out, nor did they tell him that his lifestyle was ok. they simply met with him regularly and counseled him on the fact that it is sin, and that it's not ok, but the church wanted to help him fight his temptations. we all have some sort of sin that we battle with at some point or another. it should be the christians who help, not yell and scream, but inform and help with what they can.


Ok, I think I got myself in a lot of trouble the last time this came up... people e-mailing me and such... but I agree with you in all points. I don't know what to do about the "gay issue," and I'm not going to even try to figure it out. But I do know that a Christian is a person who loves everyone. Not in a selfish way either... ("I love you if you'll agree to change yourself to be like me.") I honestly believe that God does all changing where He sees fit. I am just supposed to love people unconditionally the best that I can.
This is probably TMI, but I was recently at a Pride festival in Atlanta with my sister-in-law for an Indigo Girls concert... (she's a big fan.) I have to say that I saw some of Jesus there. I heard a lot about loving your neighbor and even about Jesus himself. But, the biggest thing I saw was a lot of hurt in people's eyes. Isn't that what Jesus came here for? I believe so. I know the big argument is not about whether we should love gays, but how can we allow them to come to church and still be in sin... and my opinion on that is that there's a ton more sin lurking around that we are far less worried about. Why is that? And why is it such a big deal that people must act perfect at church when they're not? Isn't Jesus here for the less than perfect? This is a huge problem for me. It makes me question what church is really for and if it is related to Christianity at all.

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