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April 27, 2005


Esuor Kram

Eli wrote:

"Now, hopefully none of us our unsure about ensure and insure."

It bugs me when people use "are" instead of "our" and vice versa (g)

Esuor Kram

Being a good hoosier, I add non-existant "r" into words upon occasion. The prime example is that I often pronounce "wash" as "warsh". I had a friend from Minnosota who liked to tease me;

"What do you do before you eat?"

"I 'warsh my hands. What do you dry them with?

"A 'tawl'"



I've never proofread a post more closely than this one, yet I still made a boneheaded mistake. Maybe the rant should be against the difficulty of English, instead.

Esuor Kram

And finally, is it possible to speak on Christian Television without changing every single syllable word into a multi-syllable word?

"God-uh is-uh he-ear-uh"

Just wondering.....


I'm really worried that something's wrong with my capacity for English lately. For instance - for no obvious reason I have been blindly mixing up "our" and "are" and even "hour", as well as "there" and "their". I used to pride myself in my grammar, and I have no trouble knowing when to use which word, but as my typing speed increases, my grammar skills get worse.


It's not just Christian TV. Have you ever seen Reba talk?

I still don't know who he-um is, but she's definitely in love with he-um.

Luke Renner

It's gotta be the uses of "to" and "too" for me. Hands down. I don't know nearly anyone who gets that right.

To eat.
To think.
Where are we going to?

Too much.
Too late.
I like that too.

Why can no one get this?


I think as I get older, my grammar is definitely worse. What about affect and effect? These are very difficult for me sometimes... but none of ya'll should move to South Carolina, because everything is more syllables than it's supposed to be.


I am confused.....

Esour wrote that Eli wrote...
Now hopefully none of us our.....

But the post says that Eli wrote
Now hopefully none of us are....

Did you change it after he posted that Eli?

Esuor Kram

Jessica wrote:
" but none of ya'll should move to South Carolina, because everything is more syllables than it's supposed to be."

Except "you all", which not only goes from two single syllable words to a single syllable.....


I changed it.


Well, it depends on how you say it... southerns say it ya-ll... it's an art I never appreciated before.

Chris Reason

I would have to say that there are several grammatical errors that irk me.

A big one:

Regardless vs. Irregardless

I see this one all the time.

Irregardless is not even a word.

Mark Aspinall

Not to get personal, but Luke said: "Where are we going to?"

Any comments?

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