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March 29, 2005



While I am definitely in agreement that our worship has become too selfish, I have to say that the criticism of "Above All" takes this argument to its extreme. I tend to agree with one of the commentors that the line "thought of me above all" really shows the selflessness of Christ. The "me" is really "us", but the underlying theology I think is true. The truth of Jesus' life and death was that he was completely unselfish. The ultimate expression of this virtue was his death. Basic Christian doctrine - originated in scripture - says that the Messiah had to die in order to purchase our salvation. Who else could he have been thinking about but us?


Eli - your response above to my post probes at a huge question, one which at first glance seems to have an obvious answer but when you think about it more I'm not sure that it has. Namely why did Jesus die? I think we tend to jump to the results of Jesus' death and work our way back to why, i.e. we het saved so he must have died to save us. Yet if we look at scripture it is arguable that either (a) Jesus died as his announcement of the kingdom let to a confrontation with the powers who killed him not realising that this would actually lead to their defeat and God's victory, and as a result of that victory we get saved. (b) Jesus died in obedience to the Fathers will. It is therefore his obedience to the Father that is primary and as a result of this obedience we get saved.
So to answer your question, "who else could he have been thinking of", may I suggest he was thinking of the Father.

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